Raffaello- healthy and fitness-friendly recipe

Raise your hand, everyone who likes Raffaello! I definitely raised mine. I love it! The only thing preventing me from eating everything in front of me is the fact that there are quite some calories in it. Of course, calories don’t have to be bad, but if Raffaello doesn’t contain macros that are good for your body while containing 63 kcal in 1 piece… Well, that’s than at least a bit bad. Here is the recipe for home-made, healthy and fitness-friendly Raffaello that doesn’t taste the same as original- it tastes better! And remember, healthy food makes us beautiful!  Continue reading “Raffaello- healthy and fitness-friendly recipe”

What is micellar water and what does it do? And how? And few more things…

Do you use micellar water on a daily basis? I know I do. That’s not a surprise because, I must admit, it removes makeup better than anything else. But have you ever wondered how does our makeup actually get removed? What actually happens there on the cotton pad and on your face? Continue reading “What is micellar water and what does it do? And how? And few more things…”

Christmas gift to myself: Burberry – My Burberry Black EdP Review

Do you buy Christmas presents for yourself? Well, sometimes you have to spoil yourself a little bit. This year, I decided to invest in something I’ve wanted for a long time and Christmas time is perfect to treat myself with a bottle of luxury; a perfume I will wear on Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and many other days… Continue reading “Christmas gift to myself: Burberry – My Burberry Black EdP Review”

New KIKO products in my collection

Black Friday is always a good excuse for a shopping. If you think about discounts you can get on that day, then it’s quite easy to understand why I had to use it also this year to buy few makeup products for myself, but also some that will become Christmas gifts for my family and friends. In today’s post you will see what I got from KIKO… Continue reading “New KIKO products in my collection”

Mad Hippie- Vitamin C serum review

Since the first post about my sensitive skincare routine I have tried and introduced some new products to my morning and night routine. The winter is coming, skin needs more hydration and generally more care. One of the new products I treat my skin with is Mad Hippie- Vitamin C serum. And I love it! Continue reading “Mad Hippie- Vitamin C serum review”

AHAs & BHAs: How does chemical exfoliation work?

Everyone who ever struggled with skin impurities or dry patches on the skin probably knows the importance of exfoliation. Exfoliants help the shedding of the skin, leaving it more even and glowy. Unlike physical exfoliants, for example scrubs, chemical exfoliants do that more gently, in a kind of indirect way.  Continue reading “AHAs & BHAs: How does chemical exfoliation work?”

Summer bodies are made in winter: The ultimate fitness-motivation guide

Summer bodies are made in winter, that’s already a well-known statement. But winter is perfect time to sit at home, read your favorite book or watch a good movie with a cup of tea or hot chocolate in your hand. The smell of cinnamon in delicious cookies are additional plus to the overall lazy winter atmosphere. On days like this, it is terribly hard to decide to get up and start to work on your summer-of-2017-body. Well, it gets a tiny bit easier if we know how to motivate ourselves. 🙂 Continue reading “Summer bodies are made in winter: The ultimate fitness-motivation guide”

5 ways to help your skin without spending a penny

Continue reading “5 ways to help your skin without spending a penny”

ZOEVA Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette review

Eyeshadows are great! It is so easy to transform your whole look simply by changing colors on your eyelids. On the other hand, affordable but high-quality eyeshadows are not so easy to find. Good things usually cost more, and average or even poor quality is on the more affordable side. But is it really always so?
Continue reading “ZOEVA Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette review”

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