Being a woman is a beautiful thing. Well, fine, if you are in the middle of your PMS at the moment, and if you struggle with hormones that make you over-sensitive and moody in that case (like myself) then you might not realize it, but it is actually quite awesome thing. There are so many reasons why women are somehow privileged, and one of them is for sure – cosmetics.

If you just take a walk on a random day to the closest drug store in your town, it is quite probable that you will easily notice a wide variety of cosmetics reserved for women. Of course, nowadays there is also a thing or two (and by saying “a thing or two” I actually mean “a solid number”) for men. However, in the place where I live and work, and in the place where I come from, it is still widely believed that makeup (and cosmetics overall) is, basically, a girl-thing. Women are expected to take significantly more care about the way they dress, about the way they do their hair and makeup… They should simply pay (a little bit) more attention to how they look.

Before you roll your eyes on me and shut this page down, let me explain that this is strictly my opinion, as a result of my personal experience, and it may surely differ from what someone else has experienced. Whatever your opinion is (and I would be glad if you’d share it with me), regardless if  you apply makeup on a daily basis, or just for special occasions (or maybe even never), being an average woman means at least that you will spend a little bit more time in the bathroom each morning than an average man does.

I was avoiding most of the makeup for quite some time; a mascara or BB cream from time to time was more than enough for me. However, after few big changes in my life (getting a new job and moving to another country), I have noticed some big changes on my skin too. Since then  I struggle with redness and many other annoying imperfections, such as itchy, dry patches on my face… And of course, since then, makeup has become a permanent step in my daily routine.

I follow many bloggers, mostly those who cover topics from the world of makeup and cosmetics generally, health and fitness… And although many of them are really informative, there are always some that lack information that I might find necessary. I LOVE products reviews, for being so super useful whenever I consider buying a new product, and I LOVE makeup tutorials (although I usually don’t try these looks on myself but they’re fun!). (Un)fortunately, Mother Nature has given me a sensitive skin. That means I cannot really just read a good review, and buy a product that has amazing texture, gives super-wow finish (whatever you like, dewy or matte) and lasts all day. Sensitive skin requires more careful approach: reading the list of ingredients and testing the product more carefully than you normally would. I am not a dermatologist, but after some time I have learned to pay attention to my skin, to observe different reactions and to recognize specific needs that my skin has.

Hopefully, my experiences and opinions will be useful for few more people who deal with the same problem. My intention is to go into a little bit deeper details when it comes to the point that is of crucial importance for people with sensitive skin but also for everyone who cares about different chemicals we are in contact with. Anyhow, at least I will try to make it somehow interesting, so stay tuned. 🙂