Hello everyone! :* Today’s post will be about, in my opinion, the most important routine I have. We all have some kind of routine when it comes to working out, getting up in the morning, there are even activities at work that can be classified as “routine”… However, there is a set of rules and actions that I usually stick to with special attention. And that is my skincare routine.

I’ve already written about certain skin problems that I have had, and that made me to change my habits. First of all, I have included jogging into my every day’s life, and I somehow even think it is also a significant part of my skin care routine. But I will skip it this time, I will write only about products and methods I use in the morning to prepare my skin for the day, or to put my skin to sleep in the evening.


  1. First thing I do in the morning is washing my face. I use warm water (not hot!) and gently wet my face. Warm water opens the pores on the face and prepares it for more efficient cleansing. I apply MARBERT cleansing milk for dry skin on my wet face, marbert-cleansing-soft_cleansing_milkand rub it gently into my skin. The most interesting thing is that my skin is not dry at all, but after trying out numerous cleansing products for all skin types it turned out that this one for dry skin actually does really good job on my skin. Whenever I use something for combination/oily skin, small dry patches appear on my face, which doesn’t happen with this product. So I stick to it. It doesn’t make my skin more oily (maybe just a bit), and I haven’t noticed any breakouts after using it for some longer time. I rinse off the product with lukewarm water, and in the end splash my face with cold water. That should close the pores and prevent them from collecting any excess dirt and impurities, so the skin stays clean for longer time.
  2. For some time now I don’t use towel to dry my face. It is too much work for me to use a clean towel each day, and everything less than that feels somehow dirty. I wanted to avoid bacteria, and dirt of any kind as much as I can. So I switched to paper towels/ tissues. They are really affordable and you can be sure they are always clean. I just pat my face dry with one of those, and throw it away.
  3. After cleansing, I simply apply Alverde Ultra Sensitive Cream.I don’t rub it into my skin, but just gently apply it with my fingers and leave some on the surface of the skin and wait for it to get absorbed.aviary-photo_131182277327277282
  4. I also use an eye cream, sebamed eye cream with hyaluronic complex.
    This is my first eye cream ever but I  am really happy with it so I am not sure I will try something new in the nearest future.Aviary Photo_131182277549180292.jpg
  5. While waiting for the cream to absorb, I usually have breakfast and afterwards I apply makeup the way I usually do: foundation, concealer, I do my eyebrows and eyeshadow, set my foundation with powder and add some blush (just sometimes I contour my face before, then add some blush and highlighter).


  1. idshot_540x540My first step in the evening is removing makeup. Quite often I remove makeup already in the afternoon, right after I come back from work but if I don’t, then I do it first thing in the evening. To do that, I use Garnier Micellar Water for combination and sensitive skin. I was planning on trying some other micellar water but this one is super affordable and does the job so I will continue using it for some time yet. 🙂
  2. When my makeup is removed, I wash my face. This procedure is rather the same as the one in the morning, I use the same MARBERT cleansing milk. Just sometimes, approximately two times a week, I use an electric brush to wash my face instead of my fingers. This helps me to keep my skin smoother, because the brush is slightly more “aggressive” (although it is still quite gentle brush for sensitive skin) than my fingers and is more efficient in removing impurities but also helps to remove dead skin cells. Since my skin is very sensitive, I avoid all rough treatments and exfoliants. Apart from the electric brush, once a week I use a homemade face mask which is also a face scrub. I wrote something about it in one of my previous posts, you can check it out HERE. Works great!
  3. Pat dry with paper towels. The same as in the morning.
  4. My night skin care routine ends with applying Alverde Ultra Sensitive Cream…
  5. … and applying sebamed eye cream with hyaluronic complex. Again the same as in the morning.

Where is tonic? Where are serums?

Well, I don’t use them at the moment. It was really hard for me to establish any kind of routine that works for me, and I’ve already tried with using some products to tone my skin after cleansing but nothing worked well for me so far. Many products irritate my face, some of them even made my skin extremely oily… So, until I find some products that really work well I will not use them regularly.

The most important take-home message from this post is that you should find some routine that works for you. If it works well then it is the best routine possible, no matter what others say. If certain steps of someone else’s skincare routine don’t work for you, just replace them with some other steps or kick them out. All these “my skincare routine” posts in the internet are extremely helpful and may be really good guidance for you, but they are not rules you are supposed to follow at any cost.

Please, let me know in comments if you can recommend some products I could use to tone my super sensitive skin, I would like to try them. 🙂