001_Lancome.jpgFew days ago I came back from Croatia where I spent my vacations. All good things come to an end, so did my vacations, and I felt a little bit sad to go back to my ordinary everyday life…

However, there was a beautiful surprise from Douglas waiting for me at home: Lancôme makeup set. Well, who needs to feel sad when there are new makeup products to test? 🙂

My new makeup set contained three products: Lipstick, blush and liquid foundation. In this blog post I will review two of them – the blush and the lipstick. In the next post I will also write a review of the foundation. I wanted to review them all in one post, but it turned out that this post would be extremely long if I would do so. And we don’t want that! 🙂




This lipstick is in the shade 202 Nuit & Jour, sheer lipstick with glossy finish. To be completely honest, I am not a fan of lip gloss or glossy lipsticks; I am definitely a matte-person. Therefore, from the very beginning I thought that I might not like this one…

It comes in a very beautiful sleek packaging though. From the moment you touch it, you know that you are holding something high-end. In order to open it, you have to press the top of the lipstick. The mechanism “pushes” the lipstick out of the packaging so you can hold it and gently open using your fingers.

The lipstick itself doesn’t have any specific scent. It smells a little bit like lipstick (well, great, because it actually IS a lipstick :P), if you know what I mean. The kind of smell that most of lipstick have.

As for the shade, I am not the fan of such nude shades either. Well, I actually like them, but I feel that my lips need something more colorful to look great. So this lipstick doesn’t bring out the best from my lips, but it has very nice creamy texture. Feels almost like a lip balm and it is very hydrating. Moreover, I expected it not to be very long-lasting but in the end I was quite surprised with it. Considering that it’s not one of matte lipsticks that last forever and even a little bit longer than that, it is quite good. It lasts on my lips for at least 4 hours, if I eat and drink carefully.

Since I don’t really like the appearance of my lips with this lipstick, I usually wear it in combination with one of my matte lipsticks or simply with one of those long-lasting lip liners. I apply the lip liner that is slightly darker than this lipstick all over my lips, and then I add this lipstick on top for the beautiful glossy finish. And it is beautiful! 🙂

The price is 31,99 € and you get 4,2 ml of the product. There are also matte versions of L’Absolu Rouge for the same price, so I am really curious what is it like. I hope I will try it out soon.



The blush I have is in the shade 022 Rose Givrée, with liquid texture and matte finish. They are available in 6 different shades.

For those who don’t know, the cushion is actually a small pillow (usually sponge or something similar) soaked with the product, and it allows you to take the right amount of the product for each application.

I love the packaging! It is small and compact, with small mirror inside which is always useful and it comes with a small sponge. When you open the first lid, the small sponge and the mirror will be revealed, and opening the second lid you will find the cushion with the product. I tried to apply this product with my fingers, using a brush and this sponge. Everything works, but I must admit that this sponge is in my opinion the best choice for the application.


The shade is gorgeous, the application is piece of cake (especially with the small sponge that comes with the product) and the intensity is buildable.

The buildable intensity is probably the thing I love the most about this blush. It literally means that I can wear it any time. It is super easy to match the color of the blush with my lipstick simply by applying the right amount. That’s great!

Of course, the price is quite high, 39,99 € for 7,5 g of the product. Since I really like to try out different products and to combine different things, this is quite expensive for my taste. On the other hand, this is without a doubt high quality product, and anyone who wants to have only one product that will do the job perfectly should definitely consider buying this one.

Lifetime of this cushion blush is 12 months. Not that bad, right?

What do you think about these products? Have you tried them already or you would like to try them?

See you soon in the next post, with another review. Stay tuned 🙂