It’s already been one month since I came back from vacation and my memories are not so fresh anymore. But I have to share with you some of those beautiful places I’ve visited this year during my one-month stay in Croatia. 

Summer is gone, it is already October but this summer was very special and simply beautiful so I decided to write one last post about it. Then I can hopefully switch to the autumn mode. Hopefully. 🙂


I spent most of the time in Zadar, a Croatian city that was elected the best European destination 2016. If we are to believe Alfred Hitchcock, the most beautiful sunset in the world is the one in Zadar. There is a little bit of that sunset here in my photos but believe me, it looks much more impressive live.

Zadar and the most beautiful sunset in the world

After few days in Zadar I went sailing. What an amazing experience that was!

We were sailing on the “Queen of the Sea” ship for ten amazing days. During these ten days we visited Split, Šibenik, Sali (Dugi Otok island), Zadar (again :P), Rogoznica and Stari Grad (island of Hvar).

I believe that picture can tell a thousand words so take a look…

Days of Diocletian in Split


Sailing to Šibenik, third largest and one of the most important cities in Dalmatia, Croatia, founded by Croatians (and not Romans, Illyrians or Greeks)
Sali (Dugi Otok island), a place of a thousand-years-old fishing tradition and olive groves and a great place to relax
Stari Grad (island of Hvar), the oldest town of the eastern Adriatic, celebrates 2400th anniversary this year. For this occasion there was an International Maritime festival organized in the town.

So if you are already thinking about how and where to spend your next summer, keep my post in mind and visit some (or all) of those beautiful places. You won’t regret it! 🙂