I was thinking about purchasing a new perfume recently, because I simply fell in love with amazing smell of YSL Black Opium. Finally, few days before my birthday, a beautiful set appeared in Douglas online store, Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium Eau de Perfume, eye pencil kajal & mascara. And guess what – I bought it!  

The older I get, the less I care about my birthdays. I remember, in the old times, I used to be really excited about that special day in a year. Few months before my birthday, I already felt “older”, and I simply couldn’t wait for it to be official. Now I don’t mind so much if I am 24, 25 or 26 years old. Ok, I must admit, I always look forward to parties. And, of course, who doesn’t like gifts? But the importance of these things is not that big anymore. I surely appreciate them, but they are not “a must” for me to feel special on my birthday. 

However, if you plan to buy something nice for yourself, a birthday is always a good excuse. This year, I decided to get myself a little something I’ve wanted for quite some time, especially because Douglas offered a great deal. So, let’s talk about Yves Saint Laurent set


This wonderful box arrived few days ago by post. What an excitement! 🙂 The box itself is really nice and I will definitely use it again. It is just too beautiful to throw away. 

Yves Saint Laurent set contains Black Opium Eau de Perfume, eye pencil kajal and mini-mascara.


I fell in love with Black Opium when I got a 2 ml tester. Normally, I don’t really like perfumes that smell like vanilla, they are usually too intensive for me. But this one smells so good. Notes of black coffee, vanilla and white florals are combined in pure perfection. It is very feminine and seductive, at the same time sweet and sensual… Simply amazing!


Apart from amazing experience of wonderful smell, Black Opium lasts on my skin for quite long time. On a regular working day, I use two sprays of perfume and that is more than enough to smell good whole day long. For a special occasion I can use three or even four sprays if I want it to be more intensive and noticeable. 


In this set I also got an eye pencil kajal and mini-mascara.

Black eye pencil kajal is nicely pigmented and quite long-lasting, perfect for smokey-eyes look. Truth be told, it is not as long-lasting as I expected, at least not in my waterline. On the other hand, my eyes tend to get wet quite often so it is not surprising. For that reason I avoid makeup on my waterline, so I will use this kajal pencil on the upper lid, just above my eyelashes. I think it will work great whenever I want my eyelashes to look fuller and more dramatic. 

Mini-mascaras are always a good choice for bottom lashes. It is so much easier to apply them because mascara wand is usually much smaller than the regular one. This is exactly what I use this mascara for – it looks great on bottom lashes!

And this is it for today! Now I’m going to get ready for my b-day dinner. I will surely wear few sprays of Black Opium. 😉


Black opium

Coffee accord, orange blossom, vanilla, cedar wood essence, patchouli essence.
Addictive, floral, energetic.