One of the most important steps in applying makeup is actually to prepare your skin; to properly cleanse and moisturize it, but also to use the appropriate primer that will make the application easier, keep makeup longer on your skin and make sure that makeup looks flawless on skin all day long.

I got this oil in a small tester-packaging. Full size product comes with a pipette that makes the application a tiny bit easier, while this small one comes in a jar with an ordinary cap on top, so you have to pour it on your hand or fingers.

Smashbox claims that this primer oil feels ultra-light on skin, absorbs easily and reduces the appearance of fine dry lines.


First of all, this oil really does feel ultra-light on skin. Throughout the day it felt like I have nothing under my foundation. However, the thing that didn’t happen is immediate absorption. I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting… But the oil was just sitting on the surface of my skin. At first I though that the amount I applied might be too large, but even re-application of less product didn’t help the absorption. Since I usually apply makeup before going to work, I decided that my time is too precious to wait so long, so I simply applied my foundation, although the primer oil was not completely absorbed.

So, after I applied foundation on my oily face I looked… well, oily. I cannot deny that my foundation was gliding all over my face, and I managed to apply it really evenly and easily. However, it looked oily. And it scared me a bit, because I was already late for work. And my face didn’t look nice at all. I grabbed some big fluffy brush and applied a generous amount of translucent powder, hoping that it will successfully matify my skin. The final result really surprised me. It looked incredibly even, flawless and smooth, and the most important – not oily.

Still, with a fear in my heart, I went to work but I was constantly checking my face, just to see if this primer oil breaks through my translucent powder or not. Surprisingly, it didn’t. At all. Whole day long my makeup stayed in place and looked nice. Of course, after two or three hours my face didn’t have that matte finish anymore, but I was neither oily, and that was great! My general impression was more than positive. Makeup stayed on my face looking flawless all day long and it was much easier to apply foundation than usually. This primer oil was a serious candidate for my new favorite product.

After few days I noticed breakouts on my face that were most probably cause by this primer oil. When I stopped using it, small pimples disappeared from my face.

This product contains 15 essential and lipid-rich plant oils, which are beneficial for skin. What is not so great, according to some sources, is that it also contains, among others, lavender oil which can cause allergic reactions on skin. However, skin allergies to lavender oil are extremely rare so I believe this is definitely not a reason to avoid this product (unless you are allergic to lavender oil, of course). 

All in all this is not a bad thing. It really makes the application of foundation easier and looks flawless all day long. Unfortunately, it causes breakouts on my skin so I will not use it anymore. I guess it would be much better choice for someone with dry skin. For my combination to oily sensitive skin, there are some other good products out there anyway. 🙂