1. Do some sports

running-573762_960_720Scientist have proved that exercise makes us happier and better looking. Among other things, sport can help us to clear up the skin, clean the pores and reduce their size. It might sound like a science fiction, but it is actually quite simple – physical activity causes hormonal activity. This means that if you do some exercise hormonal balance in your body becomes different; for example, stress hormone (cortisol) level might become smaller. So if you remember that hormones quite often affect our skin (especially this stress-guy), it is not so surprising that sport can make us beautiful. You can read more about how exercise makes us beautiful HERE.

2. Find a hobby which makes you happy

Apart from exercise, there are some other activities that can make us happier. Any kind of hobby can make you happy, of course, if you really enjoy it. Painting, playing an instrument or singing, and many many other activities can help us release the stress and become happier. And again, it can solve some minor skin problems as well.

3. DIY skin care products

DIY can also count as a hobby, but apart from that, there are also other reasons why it can be extremely helpful, both for your skin and your wallet.

First, it is incredibly cheap, most of the time even completely free. The best skin care products you can do at home consist of simple ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen. For example: green tea, natural yogurt, oat meal, honey and sugar.

Second, it is completely natural. One of the huge advantages of DIY skin products is that you always know what you put inside. You can control the amounts and type of ingredients, and modify the recipe according to your needs. DIY skin care products don’t require preservatives that often cause irritations or allergies.

After all, you can try out different recipes and if something doesn’t work for you, at least it will not cost you a fortune.

4. Avoid dirty “stuff”

It might sound a bit obvious but it is actually interesting how many dirty “stuff” we apply to our skin on a daily basis.

First, we touch our skin with dirty hands. Even if you think you don’t, you probably do. It is usually something we are not aware of, but we all do it. And in that way we transfer numerous bacteria from the environment straight to our skin. So, whenever you find yourself touching your face, stop it. And try to do it as less as possible.

5. Go out

nature-forest-moss-leaves.jpgThe average person spends 87% of time indoors. That’s quite much, so maybe we should consider reducing that percentage for the sake of biochemistry in our bodies.

Again some hormones involved, yes.

Moderate sunlight can be good for our health. The sun is responsible for dermal synthesis of vitamin D which is important if we want to keep the good mood and fight depression. Sunlight boosts serotonin levels in our bodies, and you already know what does that mean – HAPPINESS! 😀 Of course, all of the above positively affect also our skin, but it is extremely important to protect the skin before exposing it to the sun (read more HERE).

So if you are looking for cheap and natural way to help your skin to feel and look better, try these out. And let me know if it worked. Although I am sure it will make you feel better. 🙂