Summer bodies are made in winter, that’s already a well-known statement. But winter is perfect time to sit at home, read your favorite book or watch a good movie with a cup of tea or hot chocolate in your hand. The smell of cinnamon in delicious cookies are additional plus to the overall lazy winter atmosphere. On days like this, it is terribly hard to decide to get up and start to work on your summer-of-2017-body. Well, it gets a tiny bit easier if we know how to motivate ourselves. 🙂

I don’t have to emphasize the importance of workout too much: it makes us happier, healthier, makes our bodies look better, as well as our skin. I wrote a post about it already and you can read it here (How exercise makes you beautiful). It is easy to perceive all the benefits that regular exercise can provide, but it’s hard to motivate ourselves to actually work out regularly. Quite often, I cannot resist the charms of a comfortable couch. That’s why I try to motivate myself in so many different ways. And I must say, it works!

1. Nice workout clothes


Since the very beginning of my fitness journey I motivate myself with nice workout clothes. It doesn’t have to be expensive and fancy, but I prefer to workout wearing tights in my favorite color while running around than some old trousers. I don’t have to mention that workout clothes is usually made of materials that keep you dry while sweating, which makes it also much more comfortable. Of course, running in old clothes is better than no running, but if buying a piece or two will make you workout more often then it is definitely worth it.

2. Good tracking app


It is much more fun if you use a fitness application on your phone. Running or weight training, doesn’t matter, I always track myself with Endomondo. This helps me to follow how often I workout, how many calories I burn, I can see if I am getting better, and I can even participate in challenges with my friends and compete. Free version itself offers many useful features, but if you go premium you can even train with your “personal trainer”. Is that motivating or what? 😛

3. Gym subscription


Gym subscription is a bit “aggressive” way to motivate yourself to workout but it works in my case. I subscribed just recently and for the next one year all I have to do is to think about the money I have to pay each month. That totally makes me to go there, workout and use the service I paid for.

4. Friends to have fun with


Everything is much more fun when you do it with your friends. So is workout. Friends will keep you going, because you don’t want to be the one that always stays at home while everyone else are having fun in the gym, do you? You can also compete, or encourage each others, share tips and advice… The more the merrier, for sure.

5. Bets


If you are competitive type of person, or one of those who really like to be right, this will motivate you the most. When my boyfriend decided to lose weight, it was enough to start a bet. I told him that there was no way he can lose 12 kilos in 3 months, he said that there was no way I can win the bet. And guess what, he lost 15 and ran a marathon. And won a dinner. 

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself


It is okay not to feel okay, or to feel tired and spend evening at home instead of running on a treadmill. Keep in mind that your muscles also need some time to recover between workouts, so it is highly recommended to regularly take breaks. Overloading can just demotivate you, or even lead to a serious injures. And nobody wants that, right?


And that would be it! How do you guys motivate yourself to workout? Share it with me in comments and see you soon. :*