Do you buy Christmas presents for yourself? Well, sometimes you have to spoil yourself a little bit. This year, I decided to invest in something I’ve wanted for a long time and Christmas time is perfect to treat myself with a bottle of luxury; a perfume I will wear on Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and many other days…

I like to give presents. There is something beautiful in this; it is priceless to see the smile on faces of your beloved ones. On the other hand, it is amusing to choose, buy and wrap all those presents and finally contribute to an overall Xmas-atmosphere. 

But apart from giving, Christmas time is perfect to get something for yourself as well. This year I decided to give myself a nice-smelling Christmas with a new Burberry perfume – My Burberry Black. 


There’s not much to say about the packaging – nice and classy. The cute little bow makes it a bit more special and recognizable. 

My Burberry Black is one of those very intensive perfumes. And when I say very intensive, I mean VERY intensive. One or two sprays is more than enough for me, even for a night out. More could easily give you a headache. If you spray it on your neck, get ready for an overall nice-smelling experience; your shirt, scarf, jacket… Everything you wear will most likely smell at least a bit like My Burberry Black. Which is not that bad. Unless you want to wear some other perfume before you wash your clothes. Then it becomes quite problematic… 


Since it is so intensive, this small 30 ml bottle will last forever. That’s another pretty cool thing about it, especially if you think about the price – you get 30 ml for a little bit less than 60 euro. Well, if you pay that much for it, you probably want it to last for some time, don’t you?

This fragrance smells sweet, but at the same time seriously sexy and deep, perfect for winter. On the other hand, it is not a perfume I would connect with young teenage girls, it smells way too serious for them. When I was younger, I never liked scents like this myself but now, as I am approaching late twenties, I am starting to like them. Maybe I am finally growing up, like, for real. Right…


All in all, I must admit, this is one of my favorite perfumes (together with YSL Black Opium) for this winter, for next winter, for all times. Have you already tried it? What’s your favorite perfume for this Christmas? 

My Burberry Black

Sun-drenched jasmine, peach nectar, candied rose, amber patchouli.
Floral, sexy, intimate.