Hello everyone!

If you have opened my about page then you’d probably like to know something about person who “hides” behind these lines. ­čÖé

blog2So, let me introduce myself. Sandza, 26 years old, living in Germany, scientist, more precisely physical chemist. I have a great job that (usually) makes me happy, but there are many other things I like to do in my free time, and those things make me even happier. I like travelling, sport, music, delicious food, cosmetics and makeup… Usual stuff.

The only unusual thing (maybe even not SO unusual) is that I am trying to┬áconnect my profession with my hobbies. Therefore I always attempt to understand at least a tiny bit of chemistry, biology, even physics (although physics frustrates me at work) related to things I do, food I eat or makeup I use. I believe it makes a big difference to actually understand what you, for example, apply to your skin and why this specific product should or shouldn’t work, which is of great importance for people with sensitive skin, but should be also a thing to keep in mind for everyone else. This is exactly what I will be sharing with you here in a simple and (hopefully) interesting way.

In case you have some questions or any other reason, you can write me at: sandzano.mail@gmail.com

*All posts I will be posting are my personal experience and/or opinion and I am not claiming that I am an expert in any of specific topics.