DIY 2in1 face mask&scrub: 100% natural and affordable

If you’ve ever wanted to prepare 100% natural, beneficial face mask&scrub (yep, 2in1), here is a simple recipe to do so. I’ve been using it for a bit longer than one month now, and all I can say is: it works!  Continue reading “DIY 2in1 face mask&scrub: 100% natural and affordable”


Salicylic acid in skin care products: heaven and hell

Some time ago I tried out few skin care products that contain salicylic acid. My dermatologist recommended them claiming that they could help with redness on my face. So I tried. Continue reading “Salicylic acid in skin care products: heaven and hell”

How exercise makes you beautiful

In one of my previous posts, I’ve already written something about how sport has really good impact on my skin. Today I will go a little bit into details about it and try to explain why and how can exercise make you (even more) beautiful.  Continue reading “How exercise makes you beautiful”

Listen to your skin

Most of us experienced some kind of problems with skin at some point in life. I have faced such problems just recently when I moved to another country and changed my job… Well, big changes have brought me a big stress, and the stress has brought me certain skin problems. After trying to solve my problems alone with many different products, and also after visiting a dermatologist I have decided that it’s time to take the bit between my teeth. I’ve learned that I should always listen to my heart… And my skin.  Continue reading “Listen to your skin”

Dangers and misconceptions about parabens

Parabens are present in many beauty products; both skin care and makeup. There are many stories about them that have been created recently. Some of them make us fear those chemicals, and some of them tell that they are completely harmless. So, what is true and what is not? Do we really have to avoid products that contain parabens and what are the alternatives?  Continue reading “Dangers and misconceptions about parabens”

The sun and our skin; save money and stay protected

I am counting days until my vacation, and there are only few more left. This has been an exhausting week, month, year… and I am really looking forward to release the stress and relax a bit (or a lot). However, there are still some important things I have to think about and take care of before leaving, and one of them is efficient sun protection for my skin.

Continue reading “The sun and our skin; save money and stay protected”

Diamonds are forever… But makeup is not!

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a good day! 🙂

Today’s post will be a little bit longer, but I thought it is necessary to clear up a few things, because some people (including me some time ago) are just not aware of processes going on in our makeup. Of course, that’s easy to ignore, since those processes happen without us seeing them. Bacterial growth in makeup, or spoilage of any kind can cause many skin problems or worsen the existing problems, such as acne. If you want to learn something new, or just read one more time about things you already know, stay with me 🙂 and continue reading.  Continue reading “Diamonds are forever… But makeup is not!”

Welcome to another blog (a chemist’s view)

Being a woman is a beautiful thing. Well, fine, if you are in the middle of your PMS at the moment, and if you struggle with hormones that make you over-sensitive and moody in that case (like myself) then you might not realize it, but it is actually quite awesome thing. There are so many reasons why women are somehow privileged, and one of them is for sure – cosmetics.

Continue reading “Welcome to another blog (a chemist’s view)”

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